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Spartan Deluxe Field Scanning

  • 32 bit processor 40 MIPS speed – 160 MHP clock speed
  • 32 bit DDS waveform producing synthesizer chip
  • Digital frequency synthesis x 20 PLL automatic frequency equalizer 0.1 Hz
  • Gold, silver, copper, bronze, phosphorus, iron, diamond, water, space and free mad programs
  • Manual frequency selection with 1 Hz intervals in each mode
  • Power output from hill to top up to 24 volts
  • 70 MA battery energy consumption / 170 MA in full back lighting. Continuous battery status indication
  • Il APO iletken – Automatic conductive ground energy transmission
  • Sayısal DGB engel – Earth minerals collision inhibitor numerical ground balancing
  • Different wave shapes according to ground type
  • ”WCC“ – Target Weight Controlled signal receiver, poker anti and titanium ”L“ rods
    Receptor antennas are not mistaken due to PH in human skin.
  • Distances can be adjusted in the range of 2000 meters and the range of depth is 12 meters.

Powerful SPARTAN with 24-volt top-to-ground ground signal performs on top of all other long-distance positioners with rival.
It is a field scanning system suitable for searching gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, diamond, water, space or other elements.
Each MD can be customized to find an alloy of the target.
Using a target sample, you can let Sapartan learn.
Enough power for large distances:
The 24 volt peak-to-peak transmitter allows the selection of detection ranges from 300 meters to 2100+ meters.
Look for the most stable frequency signal, Gold and other precious metals, up to 0.1Hz sensitivity.
Find the treasure, ignore the trash.
Floor Filters:
The days when the minerals on the ground caused false impressions were left behind.
SPARTAN understands the ground type and provides an identification number. Positioners are not very intelligent, so they can lose depth or give false signals on bad grounds. SPARTAN automatically creates the most suitable waveform for depth and metal separation on all types of ground.
Factory and user programs:
Purple is available for gold, silver, copper, phosphor, bronze, iron, course, diamond, water, space and other elements. Beyond that, the user can teach the SPARTAN to find the target by placing a sample target on the ground and scanning at the appropriate frequency.
These user settings are stored for use when the device is turned on again.

Long distance positioners advertised on the market are nothing more than a frequency generator, and their simple structure is not designed for ground use.
There are different mixtures of moisture and minerals in the soil. When operating a frequency generator, the signals it generates are transmitted to the conductor ground, but since these signals do not penetrate the soil with loose or high mineral content, the user obtains incorrect target indications.
The DGB – digital ground compensation feature is designed to provide maximum target and stable operation regardless of the type of ground, in order to ensure reliable target display for SPARTAN.

Oscillator feature is one of the different features of the delartan delux e model. In the Oscillator screen, the frequency value of the option that we want to search is set. For example, we want to search for gold We make the Oscillator screen 5.30 kW / s so that we send more and faster frequencies during the search. Oscilllator awakens the sleeper metals under the ground over time, and allows the other area to detect where the scans cannot detect.

Turn the in POWER ON ini switch to (1). Ana United will be opened directly with 5.0 Khz. You can use the ‘+‘ or ‘-‘ buttons to scroll to the position you want to call.
Using the Fashion button, you can set your own frequency according to the type of mining you want to search. The frequency values ​​are automatically registered according to each type of mine. You can change the frequency values ​​in 0.1 KHz each. SPARTAN AREA SCANNING switches between the following program of programs in its own memory.
The Oscillating feature is one of the most distinctive features of the deluxe model. In the Oscillator screen, the frequency value of the option that we want to search is set. For example, we want to search for gold We make the Oscillator screen 5.30 kW / s so that we send more and faster frequencies during the search. Oscilllator awakens the sleeper metals under the ground over time, and allows the other area to detect where the scans cannot detect.

NOTE: If the floor is damp or wet during use, it increases the efficiency of the device.

NOTE: The distance between the floor pop should not be more than 50 cm.

Fashion 1 – GOLD (GOLDEN MODE) 5.00 KHz: The low frequencies in the gold spectrum attract natural gold minerals from 4.9 to 5.1 KHz, rods at 5.2 – 5.3 KHz react to 18-22 carats of man-made gold objects. 5.4 – 5.5 KHz frequencies tend to attract jewels with low decisions. Therefore, it is recommended to perform more than one check at different frequencies.

Fashion 2 – SILVER 8.0 KHz

Fashion 3 – BRONZE (BRONZE MODE) 11.5 KHz

Fashion 4 – COPPER 10.0 KHz

Fashion 6 – DIAMOND 9.1 KHz

Fashion 7 – PHOSPHOR 7.0 KHz
Fashion 8 – IRON (IRON MODE) 17.0 KHz

Fashion 9 – WATER 20.5 KHz

Fashion 10 ,3VOID 6.3 KHz

NOTE: The aim of the power part is to operate the antenna bars. The unit contains a 9VDC battery for power supply. When the receiver antenna sticks are fitted to the power slot, the power part works. When the rods are not used, remove the power from the component. If the power part is stored with the bars attached, this causes the battery to discharge. The rods must not come into contact with each other while the battery is short-circuited.

The scanning antennas in the SPARTAN area do not cross on the target, the two antennas intersect and close.

Hold the antennas parallel to the ground or slightly downwards to better balance, to increase sensitivity.
When the SPARTAN area is off, mark the points where the bars intersect as soon as the bars reach the energy field of the target, approaching at least two opposite directions to the estimated target, for example, north / south, to determine the appropriate target depth.
Half of the distance between these 2 opposite indicators is the approximate target depth. Example. In 1.5 meters. However, these methods do not apply to shallow targets. Consider that the target energy field is a cone of 45 degrees from the target. While it is not necessary to operate the SPARTAN area scanning unit for depth detection, it is only necessary to make the target visible at a certain distance, to create a transmission line that acts as a path for the operator.
The magnetic field resulting from the target determined on the ground surface does not rise completely from the target to the surface along the ground. Due to the noise generated by solar storms or other magnetic fields, the area of ​​the target may rise at a certain angle from the ground. The angle or direction of the angle is not always constant; therefore, it is not possible to set the target precise location within the diameter of the area surrounding the surface area, approximately equal to the depth of the target. Therefore, the deeper the target, the greater the location on the surface may be. Your excavation from the surface immediately vertical may result in an empty hole.

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