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Minelab Go Find 60 Metal Detector

Technicial Specifications

These easy-to-use detectors with a wide range of features are especially designed for the newcomers. GO-FIND detectors do not need installation, they are comfortable to carry and very light.

The GO-FIND detectors are light and portable. GO-FIND is easy to use, simply press FIND to select the appropriate mode and start detection. Great fun for the whole family. Anyone can find all these discoveries to search for coins, jewelry or treasures are at their feet with sound & visual alerts. It’s as simple as that.

10-inch (25cm) water resistant cap 5 Sensitivity Level 5 Sound Level 5 Treasure Display light Backlight Spot Target Bluetooth Go-FIND Pro Features Weight: 2.3 lbs (1Kg) Excavation shovel

The new Metal Detector GO-FIND 60 in the new 2015 GO-FIND Series is a unique detector with advanced electronic and mechanical features. All features in the GO-FIND 20 and 40 are combined in model 60 and even more! Coin, gold, diamond ring and gold and silver jewelery, relic and precious artifacts, buried and hidden treasures, model 60 is more than any other metal detector, unlike what you have seen before. 60 is the current state of tomorrow’s technology! The device comes with a 10-inch (25cm) fixture with a newShape (new design) feature for powerful detection, separation and) 10 Quick Impact ine. Use the hood at a depth of 2 feet (60 cm) in the field, on the beach or in the water. All controls are in your hand, easy to use. If you want to find what you want, use a single finger, parse, or eliminate unwanted ’’ garbage ’targets, increase or decrease depth, and perform point target detection. The picture of what you found appears on the screen. Know what your target is before digging. All these and other features are available in a lightweight, foldable 22 inch (55cm) modern 2015 model metal detector. Powerful, well designed, small, easy to carry. You don’t have to stick to heavy-metal detectors with old technology! It has passed the tests successfully and is recommended for beginners and experienced treasure hunters. 


Simply set and use. Quick Start Guide 1) Turn on 2) Get started for the treasure! 3) Yes, that’s how simple it is.

NEW FEATURE: PRO APP; With Bluetooth, it connects to the GO-FIND 60 Smartphone Pro for free. (FREE). With the Pro App, you can remotely control your metal detector, record what you find on Google Maps, define coins, browse information, listen to music, and more. You do not need to use Bluetooth to operate the GO-FIND 60, it is an added feature for users, and it’s yours for FREE! If you are using your mobile phone you can use the Smartphone feature. If you are unsure or need any help, you can call us for FREE and we can help you.

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