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Minelab Go Find 44 Metal Detector

Get deeper and find the treasure that other people miss with GO-FIND 44.

Outstanding performance
Advanced technology and innovative features for MAX performance.

Compact and No Assembly
It’s easy. There is nothing to collect and no loose parts that can be lost.

Ultra Light
Only 2.3 lbs (1.06 kg) is the lightest high performance detector available *.

Easy Trak Automatic
Automatic ground tracking reduces noise interference and maximizes target signals.

Treasure View
Red = iron targets, possibly garbage. Green = non-iron targets, possibly treasure!

  • Based on similar competitive offers.

Treasure View
Know the treasure from garbage.

The GO-FIND’s Treasure View feature lights up to tell you what there is in a garbage or treasure. Take the red LEDs, you probably found a nail or a key. Get green LEDs and find coins or jewelry. Go.

If you want that edge, this advantage and a strong sense of discovering more than you think possible, the GO-FIND 44 takes you there. With GO-FIND 44, prepare to uncover what lies beneath your feet.

Application of GO-FIND
Be in your GO-FIND control anytime, anywhere. The GO-FIND app keeps you connected when you detect miles from anywhere. Share your found online and listen to more while hunting your favorite music.

GO-BUL with smartphone app. The future of treasure hunt in the palm of your hand.

There are 44 users of the Standard App for GO-BUL free. And the Pro App that is free for GO-FIND 66 users. The Pro App can also be used for GO-FIND 44 users via ıları In-App Purchase Pro.

Identify common coins
View the detector information and remotely control the detector *
Listen to music and fix it at the same time
Saving your findings on Google Maps *
Customize Detector and App sounds

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