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Minelab Go Find 40 Metal Detector

The GO-FIND 40 is a high-performance detector with many innovative features. It is based on advanced digital technology and offers excellent detection depth and target accuracy better than many detectors in the $ 500- $ 1000 price range. Great for beginners and as a backup detector for the advanced user, the Minelab detector has never been more convenient – and so much fun!

Compact & No Installation – Open, open and GO! No confusion Flat folding for transport and storage.
It’s really easy to get started with GO-FIND, because there’s nothing else to put together and there are no loose parts that can be lost when setting up to start sensing. Simply turn on the detector, insert and open the batteries. The controls are preset and you can immediately start detecting them for half an hour or more when you read the instruction manual and you may not waste the detection time during installation. After you finish detecting the day, narrow the shafts and easily fold the detector for transport and storage, and be ready to use them all next time.

Ultra Light – 20% lighter than similar detectors. Detect longer and find more!
The weight of the GO-FIND 40 is only 2.3 lbs (1.06 kg), making it one of the lightest, most cost-effective, high-performance detectors available today. Shaking the detector side-by-side for long periods of time can be exhausting, so the GO-FINDs are specifically designed to reduce weight and thus fatigue without sacrificing performance. From the smallest children to the adults – everyone will want to find AT again the next day!

Treasure View LEDs – Red / Green destination ID. Remove treasure from the garbage before digging!
With the Treasury View, you can get a good idea of ​​the type and depth of what you find before you start digging them. Target separation is an easy way. Red LEDs indicate iron targets such as nails, horseshoe, toy car, key. Green LEDs indicate non-ferrous targets, including coins, gold and silver jewelry, aluminum, copper and more. In Pinpoint mode, LEDs turn orange to help determine the exact target location for easy recovery.

Easy-Trak – Fully automatic floor monitoring reduces noise interference quickly and easily.
Iron and salt minerals in iron can cause false signals with metal detectors. While other detectors have a simple fixed setting or require the user to learn advanced, ground compensation ini techniques, the GO-FIND 40 is really an sahip on and off basit process. With the automatic detection of the salt floor, switching from beach to park does not require detector settings or special search modes. Fully automatic floor monitoring minimizes ground interaction and maximizes target signals to find more treasures.

Smartphone App * – Control your detector, listen to music, share your findings, and more Smart
With Bluetooth® functionality, you can enhance your experience by detecting your Smartphone using your GO-FIND 40 device. The standard application and professional upgrade for both iPhone and Android devices offers unheard features on detectors under $ 300. Application Coin ID, wireless audio, detector control, listening to music during your detection, to find places to record and find the advantages of sharing the findings on Facebook. Detect the modern way and never look back!

Money Money Magic – Set your favorite currency in your phone – it’s fun!
The GO-FIND has the option to distinguish a large number of destinations for entry-level detectors, and matches the discrimination resolution of more advanced detectors when using the Smartphone application. However, instead of complex multi-faceted discrimination options and Target IDs, the GO-FIND application gives pictures of the modern coins you have identified – the first one from Minelab and a lot of fun for everyone.

Google Maps ® – Save your treasure locations in a modern way. I X ’point mark! *
Wouldn’t it be great to save all the treasures? With the Pro app and GPS in your phone, you can store more than 1000 FindPoints and view them on Google Maps. Zoom out to see the general areas you’ve covered and zoom in to see exactly where your precious coin is. Minelab brought the powerful mapping capabilities of our flagship CTX 3030 treasure detector to our GO-FIND 40 device. Go back to the places you found and find more! * In-app application must purchase Pro application.

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