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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett’s previous models Garrett Ace 150, Garrett Ace 250 and Garrett are slightly different from Euro Ace; you need to turn the cap counterclockwise and pull it slightly forward; Unplug the cartridge as it can be identified as the charge with this 4 AA batteries and away. The battery compartment is located on the front of the control unit and must be bent in the counterclockwise direction to access the batteries and then gently pull the cover forward.

This time Garrett walked away from his usual bright yellow and black design and chose to have a more professional chic look. I would describe him as a gun-metal gray with a black fill and a handle. They added a strap to help the arm in the durable hips and the users reported that they found the arm very comfortable. As with other Garrett models, it seems to be a favorite for comfort.

The brains (control panel) were kept simple and effective without too many buttons, and contain a standard LED Display panel.

This versatile treasure detector, made with Garrett’s new and exclusive technology, provides the ideal result for detecting single coins, historical remains, burials, treasures and even gold nuggets. Standard or professional search options with advanced voice alert

garrett at pro

Package included:

8.5 “x 11” PROformance ™ DD waterproof search coil (caption)

First-class voice control on terrain headphones (headphones available separately).

Key Features
Pro Mode Sound ™: Proportional and repetitive Signal Sound ™ features help the device identify the type of soil under the user as if it were in Real All-Metal mode.

High Resolution Iron Separation ™: Adjust one-touch iron separation level from 1 to 40 to remove precious metals from the garbage.

Digital Target Identification: 0 – 99 Advanced Target Identification allows you to separate the conductivity of targets under ground.

Iron Sound ™: Helps the user to hear a distorted iron target and change the signal range of the detector in the mid-tone.

Hedei Accurate Identification: It provides a great advantage for separating precious metals from waste.

Land conditions variability: Waterproof housing designed for dusty, wet or wet land conditions; The device can go down to a maximum depth of 10-foot (3m).

15 kHz frequency: Small metal targets in the ground, gold nuggets, jewelery and treasure.

Ground Adjustment: automatic and manual adjustment for better performance

Graphical Analysis of the target under ground ™ (GTA): Continuously shows the conductivity of the target under the ground.

Continuous Single Money Depth Indicator: Shows the depth of the target under ground.

Battery Status Indicator: shows the battery status continuously.

Search Modes (Separation Options): 6 dialing options + electronic spot detection
Detection of old burial, new burial or single currency in the Standard or Professional search option

Point target detection


Ideal for both fresh and salt water

AT Pro International can make soil adjustment according to salt water.

Finding only one money

In jewelry

Historical Residue Detection

Burial Detection

Treasure hunting

In Competition Events

Beach / Fresh Water Detection

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