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Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Gold metal detector is designed to find small gold nuggets in the most demanding search environments, including shallow freshwater fishing.

Garrett AT Gold works on high frequency optimized for gold research and includes True All Metal Mode. All Metal Mode is preferred for search, because it provides the highest possible depth and accuracy. At the same time, the operator responds to a continuous voice response to ensure that the fine detection signals generated by the light targets are heard.

Garrett is the Motion All Metal detector; this means that the slight movement of the search coil is necessary to continue detection, although static detection of targets is possible in Pinpoint mode. AT Gold includes a special Ground Balance Window feature to manually and automatically optimize the performance of Ground Balance and gold on the most commonly found mineralized detector of the detector. This detector is also water resistant to a maximum depth of 3 meters to search in freshwater lakes and streams.


In addition to the True All Metal Mode, Garrett AT Gold includes two Discrimination Modes, a versatile currency and a sacred hunting machine. When selecting the DISC 1 or DISC 2 mode, the operator obtains more Tone information from the targets as well as the ability to distinguish unwanted trash targets.

Garrett AT Gold Key Features
ALL -METAL MODE: An accurate All-Metal mode provides the deepest detection with the highest precision for the smallest precious metals.

GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS OF THE TARGETED TARGET: Continuously shows the conductivity of the target under the ground and the metal separation status of the detector.

ALL ZONE: Designed for wet, damp and dusty terrain. The water-resistant structure can be reduced to a 10-foot (3m) depth in water.

DIGITAL TARGET DETERMINATION: 0 to 99 scale; makes the distinction between targets under ground by measuring the conductivity of the targets under ground.

HIGH-RESOLUTION IRON DISCRIMINATION: there are 44 points in the iron separation – controlled by the keys and numerical data are displayed on the LCD to separate the precious metal target from the ground metal target.

ADJUSTABLE THROTTY SOUND: Allows you to manually adjust the signal tone in order to more accurately detect targets under ground (there is continuous tone in the background).

PRO MOD VOICE: Regular voice response and Tone Tone features provide more information about the precious metal target.

IRON SOUND ™: Helps the user to hear differentiated iron targets and recognize problematic flat iron objects such as bottle cap and garbage.

ALL-METAL IRON TONE ™: This feature allows Garrett to distinguish between audio objects even if the user uses the device in True All Metal Mode.

SOIL ADJUSTMENT (MANUAL): Allows the user to manually adjust the ground adjustment of the detector to reduce the harmful effects of soil mineralization.

EARTH SETTING SCREEN ™: This feature allows the user to use the soil setting to reduce the impact of unseen soil changes.

QUICK SCREEN ™ SOIL ADJUSTMENT: This automatic feature allows the user to quickly adjust the soil’s soil setting in the mineral soil structure.

ELECTRONIC POSITIVE DETECTION: This motionless All-Metal Mode is used for exact detection of the location of the metal target under the ground.

EASY TREATMENT AVI WITH ONE KEY: With a single touch, your metal detector opens; auto-rotates to the factory settings (or the setting you have made); and your device is now ready to call!

Depth Indicator: Indicates continuous depth in single-currency metal targets.

Battery Status Indicator: Indicates the continuous battery status.

Dial Mode: 3 + electronic spot detection

Accurate All Metal, Metal Separation 1, Metal Separation 2

· Electronic Spot Detection

Precious little gold nuggets include 18 kHz frequency for the advanced detection of metal targets under the ground such as jewelery, treasure, single currency and relic.

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