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Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector is available for sale by the ABC Detector company as one of the newest and most advanced devices of the world famous detector brand. With its impressive features, the Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector, which is superior to its previous series and has different features, has been adopted by the detector users and became one of the most preferred devices in 2017.

Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector General Features
Garrett put the ACE 300i-Digital Target ID, great detection capabilities, a new sound system, and great features at an unbeatable price.

Key Features:

New Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale offers target information New 7 “x 10” (18 x 25cm) PROformanceTM submersible search machine offers greater coverage, depth

New high frequency (8 kHz) provides better sensitivity in low and medium conductivity Targets (eg, gold, lead)

New Iron Solubility: 3 times greater than the iron solubility of an ACE 250 to help overcome target masking in anchored hunting zones New Adjustable Frequency to help eliminate interference.


New Camlocks for increasing stem stability

New Pulse Width Modulation sound: includes sharper, more sensitive sound.

Includes Electronic Point Detection: Finds targets precisely and accelerates recovery

Notch Discrimination: Change the patterns of discrimination based on what you are looking for.

Five Search Modes (plus Point Point) Eight (8) Sensitivity / Depth adjustment The Coin Depth Indicator determines the target depth.

Target ID legend and Mod / Discrimination patterns are reviewed to better match the search needs of international users.

Minimum installation length – 42 “- 51” (1.06m – 1.29m)

Approximate weight – 1.27 kg

Operating Frequency – 8 kHz Battery Type – 4 x AA batteries Standard Coil Type – 7 “x 10” (18 x 25cm)
You can contact the ABC Detector for more detailed information about the Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector, which is extremely easy to use except for the features listed above and is among the lightest detector models in its class.

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