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DRS ProRadar X3 Underground Imaging

DRS Pro Radar X3 is the advanced version of our Pro Radar X2. Image quality is up to 2 – 4 times better. It features a search sensor with 4 sensors and a high resolution search coil with 8 sensors.

The Pro Radar X3 package features 2 high-tech and durable batteries, making it much longer-lasting. X3 has deeper scanning and more detailed analysis than previous versions. With 4 DRS intelligent sensors, it offers a much higher resolution.

DRS Pro Radar X3 Gold, Silver, Bronze, as well as precious metals and precious metals as well as the separation of Cavern, Grave, Tumulus, Tunnel and structures in the determination of the depth of 25 meters is very good results. 40 cm 4 DRS Intelligent Sensor with search head that scans all the details under the ground in high resolution instantly reflects your screen.

Another Sensor is 60 cm and contains 8 DRS Smart Sensors which can reach all values ​​under ground without skipping any details. Unlike the Pro Radar X1, our X2 / X3 / X4 / X5 devices are equipped with optional sensors (4,8 and 16 smart sensors) for a much wider range of precise, high-resolution images. Increasing the number of sensors and enlarging the search coil will positively affect your image quality. You can find out how many sensors we can add to our device, depth and all other features in the Accessories options section.


Pro Radar X3 is also available with all other Radar systems as well as Tablet PC. The 3D image acquisition technology is produced for easy and precise analysis of the detailed images of the area scanned by Engineers of DRS Electronics GmbH. Gold will break the waste of time and money by separating precious metals with precious metals like silver.

You will determine the cavities, caves, tunnels, grave rooms, tumuli and all of these entry points in detail and will not skip any details under the ground. Unlike all other devices on the market, such as the Pro Radar X2, just go to the terrain and select the area you want to scan and press the start button and count your steps.

Unlike all other devices, you do not need to select the north-south direction, you can scan in the direction you want and analyze the results on your screen in a few seconds. You can memorize your images and then transfer them to another computer (Voxler is compatible.) With the help of voxler program, you can make more detailed reviews. In addition, Pro Radar X3 with the horizonal live scanning feature allows you to scan in real-time and instantly view the area you are browsing on your screen

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