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DRS ProRadar X1 Underground Imaging

Our Pro Radar X1 is an extremely easy-to-use device that combines high performance, excellent ergonomics and technology. It works with 2 high-tech sensors that analyze the soil underwater in a highly detailed and efficient way.

With this Gradyometer device you can detect and analyze the tunnels and building remains with caves and graves caverns buried metals up to a depth of 18 meters under the ground.

It is controlled with a Tablet PC running Windows communication system and you can analyze the highly detailed information of the scanned area with the 3D imaging system.

Pro Radar X1 is an extremely efficient and highly efficient, easy-to-use, highly efficient and best-in-class device. It is controlled by Bluetooth technology with remote control if you want to search easily and comfortably in all terrain conditions.

It is extremely sensitive even to very small targets. Since it will make a very effective distinction between precious and worthless in metal separation, it will waste time and money by excavating in vain. Just go to the terrain and select the region you want to scan, just press the start button and count your steps. You can quickly scan and analyze the results on your screen in a matter of seconds. You can memorize your images and then transfer them to another computer (Voxler is compatible).

The Pro Radar X1 is also capable of real-time scanning and pinpoint detection.

It offers 5 language options to Turkish, English, Arabic, Spanish, German.
It is also guaranteed for 2 years.

Why Not Choose Pro Radar X1?

  • Automatic and manual search with the option of metal and cavity, grave, cave, tumulus, mound, building remains, such as all the details under the ground can analyze at high depth,
  • Advanced technology can detect the details of the earth gold in high resolution with two gradiometer sensor heads,
  • Because it provides great ease of use with the Windows 10 Tablet PC,
  • Since it offers 5 languages,
  • Since it is very easy to use,
  • Due to its light and ergonomic structure,
  • Since wireless connection with the system box can be provided,
  • For analyzing the depth and shape of the target,
  • Because it can store scanned images and allows you to transfer to other computers.

Pro Radar X1 in the package

  • 3D imaging program (Voxler and Surfer program as optional)
  • 2 sensor headers
  • Joystick control
  • Tablet PC with Windows 10 operating system
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • User guide
  • Headphone
  • 2 years warranty

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