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DRS Ground Exper Pro

DRS Ground Exper Pro is the first Pulse Induction metal detector to work with a tablet computer.

DRS GROUND EXPER will change the standards of treasure search. The ultimate German technology DRS Ground Exper with the deepest, most stable and excellent metal separation among the professional treasure detectors is in the Hittite Detector with all other DRS products.

Perfect depth, excellent metal separation, the ability to see the perfect view of the target from under the ground, Android Tablet computer 20 hours non-stop battery system, Pulse induction (PI) system with 3 separate search title in the world’s best metal detector.

The biggest problem of the metal detector users is the valueless metals in the field. Coke boxes, tin cans, rusted civilizations, soda lids, horseshoe, rusted metal parts are nightmares of treasure hunters. The only metal detector system that can identify all of these metals as worthless metal is DRS GROUND EXPER. If your detector says these metals are precious and gold; We are now looking forward to our DRS Ground Exper metal detector.



EASY TO USE; Unlike all other metal detectors, it is very easy to use the ground treasure hunters.

METAL DESCRIPTION; Target Metals Gold, High value, valuable, iron as well as the ability to distinguish the metals that you want to search for or not with the metal recognition feature in your hands.

PERFECT METAL SEPARATION With excellent metal separation, stop wasting time, money and effort. The worth of digging into worthless metal trash is over.

PARASITE AND MINERAL SCREENING; You can get rid of environmental electromagnetic pollution and noise with one button. You can easily detect every target missed by other detectors on mineral floors.

ADVANCED DEPTH; Find deeper jewelery and treasures in your hands, deeper into your hands. Deep Advanced Pulse induction system

TABLET PC; Your tablet PC, which is supplied as standard with our system, is available to you with your Android system and using your detector as well as personal needs.

GRAPHIC PROCESSING; No graphics processing system in no detector. The underground images of the targets on your screen without digging. The users of DRS products are always one step ahead in technology.

THREE DIFFERENT SEARCH HEADS With three different search banners, you can choose from the best of Gold detectors and also offer optional headers for deeper depths.

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