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Conrad X3 Ultra

3D EM Imaging
It is capable of detecting the metal objects and spaces that are buried underground. It can detect near to the original dimensions by means of magnetic fields formed by these objects and spaces. No device can detect the exact shapes of objects and objects buried beneath the earth.

15 M Depth
The Detection Depth of the Conrad X3 Ultra is 15 M. You can detect structures such as Tunnels, Rooms, Graves, Cellars that remain within a depth of 15 m. You can also detect the remaining metals in this depth.

Bluetooth Data Transfer
Conrad X3 Ultra Video Detector Transfers your shots to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth.

Domestic Production
Conrad X3 Ultra is 100% domestic production. The device has a repair and maintenance guarantee. You can get training and information about the use of the device at any time. You can save time and money by this way.

Gap Detection
Under the Earth or Man-Made or Naturally Occurring Cavities Cave, Cellar, Room, Tunnel, Grave etc. Provides Perfect Detection of Gaps

Metal Detection
Conrad X3 Ultra Video Detector With Metal Detection You Can’t Find Small Metals With Conrad X3 Ultra Video Detector.X3 Ultra Video Detector Can See Larger Metals than 50 cm³.

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