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Conrad Gpr Pro 800


Maximum measuring depth: 15 meters
Operating Voltage: 12V
Overall Size: 180 x 250 x 55 mm
Weight: 3000 g
128Mhz processor
1024 MB of memory
64 x 128 pixel resolution
Wireless compact design main unit
Simultaneous graphical transmission
16 memory functions
Automatic and manual search selection
Light and contrast adjustment

CE Quality Policy Conformity Certificate

The Conrad PRO-800 is more simple and more professional to use with new features and updated content.

Conrad PR0 – 800 is based on an electro-magnetic pulse method that detects irregularities in the target area. In this way, the device detects and finds natural features such as layer formations, gaps, underground water levels as well as burials or buried objects. Simple to use with you the biggest helper CONRAD PRO – 800

Thanks to the microprocessor technology of the earth, soil adjustment, depth measurement and data storage in 16 memories are made automatically by the device. With the 3-D chart, the analysis of the analyzed region can be done live, in color and in detail through the computer, making your work more professional.

The CONRAD PRO – 800 has a depth-sensing EM system and a scanning function to find objects in depth. More than 10 cm x 10 cm and 30 cm deep objects can be revealed more deeply. CONRAD PRO – 800 can be used easily on uneven surfaces with its simple usage.

CONRAD PRO – 800 product, guaranteed for 2 years service guaranteed and 5 years spare parts, conforming to CE Quality Directives will be your place in the ground.

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