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Conrad Geo X4 Underground Imaging

Conrad Geo X4 Underground Imaging is the only way to achieve the desired result in archeology and treasure search through the EM System with a maximum depth of 18 meters. Conrad Geo X4 with the most advanced area scanning system;

Digital Frequency Synthesis: Gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, lead, aluminum and diamond for microcontroller controlled fixed signal.
-Capture Compare Hardware: Analyzes all kinds of ground structure and automatically adjusts the signal.
3D EM Imaging

The Conrad Geo X4 is based on an EM System method that can detect irregularities in the target area. Thus, the product can define many different structures. These include natural formation such as layer formation, underground water level, cavities and burial chambers, or pipes, warehouses, chests and similar objects.


Bluetooth Data Transfer

With Conrad Geo X4 Underground Imaging, you can transfer your measurements wirelessly to your tablet and review them easily.

Digital Frequency Synthesis

Digital Frequency Synthesis: Makes Inspection with Constant Signal with Micro Processor Controlled for Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Lead and Aluminum.

18 M Depth

Maximum 18 M Depth Conrad Geo X4 Metal, objects such as metal, room, cellar and space can be detected up to 18 M depth and displayed in 3D viewing program.


The Conrad Geo X4 offers you professional solutions. Specially Developed for Deep Calls, Geo X4 has the ability to easily detect targets in depths that other systems cannot reach in any environment. The most striking feature of the Conrad Geo X4 is the Real-Time 3D Digital Signal Processing Function, which no system has ever produced for getting data under ground. As shown in the sample pictures, Geo X4 allows you to see the signals it receives through 3D drawing and see it through Computer Software. Define, Metal, Cavity, All Sorts of Building and Water Calls to your greatest helper Conrad Geo X4.Azami 18 M Depth Conrad Geo X4 Metal, objects, cellar, metal and objects such as space up to 18 M Depth Detection can be viewed in the 3D View Program.

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