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Compass PRO7 Field Scanning

The Compass pro 7 field scanning device brings the unique field experience to the forefront using today’s technology. Compass pro 7 provides superior stability to ensure stable and accurate measurements in the field. With the 4.3 men touch screen, you can select the type of metal you are looking for, the space or the type of metal. If you want, you can adjust the manual frequency between 0-22.5 khz in the graphical display of the device. In this way, the field does not allow you to experience any problems. The most important feature that distinguishes the Compass pro 7 field scanning device from other devices is that other devices ignore the soil factor. In the Compass pro 7, this negativity was removed with the stakes on the soil, and the measurements were more stable.


ARM Cortex M4 – 180 Mhz Processor

4.3 Mb Touch LCD 2 Mb Flash 8 Mb Ram

2 frekans Graphics lcd li manual frequency generator

2 li Graphics LCD Li Liator

Long-term use with 12v 2.8 A battery

Accurate and precise measurements with superior processors

1000 square meters scanning area

15 meters depth

Ground identification and automatic measurement mode

Extremely easy to use and fully automatic measurement

Waterproof bag

4 ground electrodes

Automatic filtering with digital low-pass filter, Digital band pass filter

Voltage Range 250 Watt Internal inverter

Automatic calibration

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