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Bounty Hunter Lone Star PRO

The Bounty Hunter is a low-priced metal detector. This is the first Series of Bounty Hunter.

Metal detectors, if you poke around metal detectors, you’ll find some vocal naysayers out there. While we’ve been using the Lone Star Pro, Denise and I’ve got the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger. Sure it doesn‘t have expensive models, but this is not a cheap does toy does. It works. Plus it has some great features without the bells and whistles.

I asked my friend if he wanted a friend.

In terms of sensitivity, I didn inchest go above 60% and I found six sites in a trashy site. A chat with a lot of chatter. I couldn’t find it. It needs to be a swing. But pinpointing is the best with this model. All-metal mode.

The preset ground balance is another neat feature. It makes this unit ready to go quite easily.

I didn’t need to be able to do anything. It saved my thumb from a good workout. The Multiple Notch Windows are great for rejecting unwanted categories.

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The Lone Star Pro is the best for:

coin shooting
relic hunting
general prospecting and treasure hunting.

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