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Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200

In the quest of finding the right metal detector, many people stumble upon the unwanted and ineffective detectors. While some of them are reasonably priced, financial loss continues to last for a longer period of depression, so it shows a performance flag no simply priced but fails to perform in a permanent manner in a short period of time. In such cases, it is always good to do some proper homework about the first metal detectors, types, properties and quality, and then make the purchase. From the wide range of brands that are widely available, the Discovery 2200 Metal Detector is one that is positively received and appreciated by its users.

Product Overview

The Discovery 2200 Metal Detector Bounty Hunter may appear similar to the Discovery 2200 Metal Detector or better yet, similar to the design of other models available, but the functions are unique in performance levels. The LCD display and coin indicator are a 9-segment digital target identification program with easy-to-read touch pad system. The metal detector is light and easy to do around it. The design is simple and compact with black, neutral color.

Product features

It has a one-touch zap feature that can distinguish unwanted findings from actual settings. One-Touch Zap custom targeting settings and detecting only desired objects in a specific surface area is a good way.
The Discovery 2200 Metal Detector comes with a 1.4inch long headphone jack. Easy to carry and clear interruption free audio signals are received through this high quality headphone jack.
The various audio feedback system has sounds around 4 which can be distinguished between the perceived substance. These varying sounds make dig digging general decision or not much easier.
A wide range of functions and information is provided from the metal detector. The metal detector has 9 segments digital target identification detail given on the screen.

Product Advantages

The coin depth indicator tells you exactly how much digging would be required. If a test is done to control the power and the range of the detector, it is quite accurate. The size of the LCD screen is decent and clearly shows clearly the other visual and auditory information along the way. Apart from these really effective benefits, another benefit is the 8 inch coil head along with the metal detector. It supports the fact that the waterproof changeable and robust coil head metal detector is connected to go a long way in muddy rough or sandy areas.

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