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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

For some good fun and valuable discovery it is up to the gears with a metal detector for the holiday time or mini vacation break, while at the time, the list is a tasks of things to do. While many people designed the detector with the right features, even if the detector is fairly priced, it would do a really good job, keeping the honest metal detectors, honestly, how well they rattling. Returning to the Bounty Hunter DISC11 Discovery 1100 Metal Detector for some good vacation fun, our expectations weren’t all ruined. The Discovery 1100 Metal Detector is exactly what a great device exactly makes any other detector-do that is supposed to give you valuables and precise details and indicators.

Product Overview

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is an easy to handle ergonomic design detection device. It features a fairly large LCD display, which features all the important information in one go, including range, precision, depth and other details. Audio feedback also shows the highly probable spots of the material present. It has clear and distinctive sounds easy headphones that get to know and nothing goes missing. Sound feedback has 3 sounds that clearly distinguish signals. Lightweight and compact, can be done around when traveling. One-touch depth control adds more flexibility and the advantage of the control system.

Product features

The items are not waterproof, detecting the coil longer life and ensure a larger surface area can be covered once. The coil head can be replaced and removed at any point in time to change the head providing a more suitable size or facility. The Discovery 1100 Metal Detector comes with 3 ton sound feedback. Settings The detector beeps at different frequency modes and distances. If the material is deeply buried or gold, copper or zinc is open, the large LCD screen can easily switch to detection signals. Push button discrimination and adds convenience and feasibility to users who operate a metal detector with one touch depth control.

Product Advantage-bounty hunter discovery 1100

He works diligently on mineral soil. With the right settings, you can beat many other expensive metal detectors and provide a great experience in metal detection. Those who have cracked open rocks and dried internal ingredients relying on beep and signals go to the Discovery 1100 Metal Detector to be very disappointed.
Replacements are easily available. There is no need to search down many online websites or stores in the market, Discovery is available that can make replaceable products and parts easier to use with this detector.
Product features-

This metal detector packaging is made of frustration free packaging approved by the relevant company. It does not disturb the fishing through unfriendly papers and plastic to the environment. Very few metal detectors come in a disappointing free package. Price is low and does not compete with expensive metal detectors in existing markets. It can be run by beginners as well as professionals in this area with ease and convenience.

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