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ARS Rezistivity Underground Imaging

Our new product (ARS) is a device that can be used effectively in determining cavern cavities and water together with its ability to distinguish under the ground. The tumulus entrances are a unique device capable of detecting tunnels with electrical currents in the rooms. You can analyze the changes in the soil in detail and make your studies. It has been designed for use in construction and archeology studies.

ARS analyzes the electrical currents that are sent under the ground by means of the probes supplied with the device (optionally up to 2,4,8,32 prop) and makes the analysis of water, gap, tunnel, cave, mineral or metal up to a depth of 200 meters on the screen instantly and gives very effective results to the user.

ARS works with 100V batteries whereas other resistivity devices work with 1.5V batteries. That’s why ARS has a much deeper and detailed analysis capability. While other devices show only superficial soil differences, ARS is a very useful device capable of analyzing very deep distances under ground and giving instant results. It provides detailed results by analyzing depth of 200 meters under ground with optional probes.

ARS analyzes the electrical currents that are sent under the ground by means of props and provides information about the position and size of the metal / mineral treasure. ARS analyzes the electrical currents between probes and reflects the results to the screen. The 3D image of the distance between the probes placed in this way can be transferred to the screen if desired. ARS distinguishes itself from other devices with its very different technology and gives 100% accurate and concurrent results at target detection. Our ARSGladyometer devices have been combined with our Pro Radar X4 and X5 devices and are designed as multifunctional devices in a single device.

Why choose ARS?

Up to 200 meters in depth, Silver, Copper, Uncle of other metals in an error-free way to separate the cave, room, space grave and water, you can get perfect results simultaneously.

You can instantly take concurrent results from all the probes and you will be able to instantly determine the target.

If you want to transfer the results to the 3D software computer screen and you can work on the results.

The program can be used in 6 languages ​​(English, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish) for easy use.

With joystics you can control (via bluetooth technology) with optional probes 2,4,8,32 to reach a depth of 200 meters.

Standard ARS package

Control unit

With 4 prop cables (4X25 meters)


Windows tablet PC

110V battery

PC with 3D display technology installed


6 languages ​​installed program

Carrying Case

2 year warranty certificate

Optional accessories

4X 50 meter cable and probes 100 meters depth
4X100 meters cable and probes 200 meters depth

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