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Apron Deluxe Field Scanning

Technicial Specifications

With a 24-volt top-to-ground ground signal and a dual antenna, the powerful Apron Deluxe delivers performance over all other long-distance locators with a rival.
Choose a suitable mode to search for gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, diamond, water, space or other elements.
Each mode. Setting target can be customized to find an alloy.
Using a target sample, you can have it learned with Apron Deluxe.
Enough power for large distances:
The 24-volt peak-to-peak transmitter allows the selection of detection ranges from 300 meters to 2100+ meters.
The most stable frequency signal possible. Look for gold and other precious metals up to a sensitivity of 0.1Hz.
Find the treasure, ignore the trash.
Floor Filters:
The days when the minerals on the ground caused false demonstrations were left behind. Apron Deluxe understands the floor type and offers an identification number. Positioners are not very intelligent, so they may lose depth or give a false signal on bad grounds. Apron Deluxe automatically creates the most suitable waveform for depth and metal separation on all types of floors.
Factory and user programs:
Modes are available for gold, silver, copper, phosphor, bronze, iron, course, diamond, water, space and other elements. Beyond that, the user can place a sample on the ground and scan the appropriate frequency to teach him to find the target with the Apron Deluxe.
These user settings are stored for use when the device is turned on again.
I Ground Balance ”function.
The long distance positioners advertised on the market are not anything other than the frequency generator, and their simple structures are not designed for ground use.
There are different moisture and mineral mixtures in the soil. When operating a frequency generator, the signals it produces are transmitted to the conductor ground, but as these signals do not penetrate the soil with loose or high mineral content, the user obtains incorrect target indications.
The DGB – digital ground balancing feature is designed to provide maximum target and stable operation regardless of the ground type to ensure reliable target display for the Apron Deluxe.
Beyond this, the Apron Deluxe special system complements ground balancing with high precision by selecting different waveforms at the transmission frequency to adapt to the ground.


  • 32 bit processor 40 MIPS speed – 160Mhz clock speed
  • 32 bit DDS waveform producing synthesizer chip
  • Digital frequency synthesis x 20 PLL automatic frequency equalizer 0.1 Hz
  • Gold, silver, copper, bronze, phosphorus, iron, diamond, water, gap and free mode programs
  • Manual frequency selection with 1 Hz intervals in each mode
  • Power output from hill to top up to 24 Volts
  • 70 mA battery energy consumption / 170 mA for full backlighting. Continuous battery status indication
  • Il APO iletken – Automatic conductive ground energy transmission
  • Al DGB say – Ground minerals counterbalance counterbalance
  • Different waveforms by ground type
  • Wireless, compact design base unit
  • 360 degree swivel unit for easy screen viewing
  • ”WCC“ – Target Weight Controlled signal receiver, power amplifier & gold plated ”L“ rods
    Receiver antennas cannot be axidized due to PH in human skin
  • Distances can be adjusted between 2000 meters, the depth range is 17 meters.


The range of the SPARTAN Gtx series can vary for a variety of reasons. First and most
important variable is the size of the target. As the target grows, the range expands. It’s ground
conditions (presence of electrolytes) and soil residence time.

SPARTAN Another factor that improves the performance of the Gtx series
chemical change in the surrounding soil. Whether the object itself or its container
The targets with oxidation create a stronger signal. This oxidation factor
to strengthen the signal emitted by the target SPARTAN Gtx series
offers more powerful potential. So long, an object in the soil, new
According to a buried target, it absorbs the signal at a higher rate;
they react weakly or do not react at all. Intense solar storm activity range low
to a minimum. The maximum range is 2000 meters.

Mode 1 – GOLD (GOLD MODE) 5.00 KHz: Low frequencies in the gold spectrum 4.9
Natural gold mines between -5.1 KHZ, 5.3 – 5.9 KHz rods 18-22 carats
reacts to man-made gold objects. 5.4 – 5.5 KHZ frequencies low carats
tends to pull the jewels.
recommended. SPARTAN Gtx series’s 5.30 KHZ
After waiting for 5 minutes by re-scanning, the bars point, the mine is.

As it is understood, the name of the element to set the SPARTAN Gtx series
together with the molecular frequency in the KHZ unit is also mentioned.
the above frequencies should be tried. With simple targets in fine-tuning
For all operators using the arrow keys via the
offers precision. Due to the frequency balancing feature, the signal that the mine should have
to balance the frequencies that vary according to the soil structure of the device with
eliminates the error of frequencies.

Rods are usually at the waist level slightly in front of the user
It kept. Between them will be 8-18 cm parallel to each other, held forward to show. the individual
he needs to find the most suitable distance. This decision is reached by trial and error.
Keep in mind that the calm person will use the equipment more confidently.

The indicator bars are set to the power module to complete the required receiver cycle.
attached. This cycle is the inductive load of the power module with the body capacitance of the operator.
occurs by intermingling.

NOTE: The purpose of the power module is to operate the antenna bars. Unit for power supply
Includes 9VDC battery. When you short-circuit the bars, the battery status is displayed,
If there is no sound, the battery should be replaced. To replace the 9-volt battery
The power module operates when the receiver antenna bars are inserted into the power module slot.

…— Remove the bars from the power module when not in use. Power module plugged into bars
In case of storing, it will discharge the battery. Modulating Bars
the battery is short-circuited.

This cycle is in the transmission line between the operator SPARTAN Gtx series and the target.
Acts passively until they walk. This RF (radio frequency) from the transmission line
energy interacts with operator loop LC (Inductive-Capacitance). At this point
response, the operator SPARTAN step into the signal line between the Gtx series and the target
the bars pull each other, in other words they are exactly aligned
it happens. The operator of the desired target of the SPARTAN Gtx series
speaks in fact that is within range.

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