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Bounty Hunter Tracker 4

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter, which attracts attention with its wide models in metal search detectors, continues to make the face of the land scanners with new versions. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is just one of these devices. Bounty Hunter, which delivers every device with an ergonomic design, also enables the land scanners to get accurate detections on every device.

Efficient results in every soil

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is designed in such a way that you can get efficient results in every soil. Thus, it is possible to determine the best results in every mineral area. Thanks to this feature, there will be no incidents such as digging the wrong places and being disappointed.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV’s frequency-setting feature produces power according to the structure of the soil and provides the most accurate results. According to the soil structure, the device automatically adjusts itself, you do not need to be addressed in any setting. It promises an easy use in this respect.

Worthless metals will be separated

Thanks to the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, precious metals below the ground will no longer cut your way. Many terrain scanner devices may display incorrect targets. Such devices do not have a metal separation feature. Therefore, it is possible to perceive even the soaked soda cups under the soil as a precious metal. We are offering you the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV in order not to deal with such a situation. Thanks to its high quality, functional and easy to use feature, you can trash the worthless under the soil and pocket the worthy ones.

Analogue meter and 3-mode dialing

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is ideal for everyone thanks to its easy-to-use display and settings. It is now much easier to see everything on the analog screen clearly, and to detect every object in the ground with 3-mode dialing!

With the ABC Detector at an affordable price!

You can contact Bounty Hunter Tracker IV at reasonable prices and payment terms. With its 2-year warranty, it will also make use of the product accessories more ergonomic.

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